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Tips for Maximizing Closet Space

Believe it or not, the type of hanger can have a big impact in your closet space. Having said that, which type of hanger can do that? Other than hangers, this article will also mention some tips of closet accessories that can help you maximize closet space.

First of all, it is wise to pair bottoms and hangers and have them both in one hanger. Not only is this a good way to save space but it can be a big time saver when you are getting ready to work or go somewhere else. For this to be possible, you need special hangers that will keep pair clothing neatly inside your cabinet. Hangers with clips or hooks are great for this purpose. These hangers will work even for those slippery and delicate pieces.

It is also a great idea to choose a hanger than has hooks, groves and clips so it allows more than just two pieces to be hanged. This one can really save a great deal of closet space. For example there are hangers that can accommodate 3-4 pants. You may get hangers that have more than 2 pairs of clips or hooks.

Next, invest in one or two storage boxes or collapsible storage containers and they are really good for small pieces or accessories. This will reduce or eliminate clutter in your cabinet. This is good for organizing underwear or help avoid losing the pair of your socks. Because collapsible storage containers make your closet look more organized, it becomes easier to find things. Imagine not having to dig the entire wardrobe for that other pair of special socks.

Next, protect the shape of your tailored clothing by using hangers specially designed for that purpose. These hangers typically have curves and clips that make hanging such clothing a lot easier. Many of these types come in zipper bags for added protection.

Last but not the least, use velvet hangers that have cascading hooks or clips. These hangers are multi purpose. The velvet cover keep light items from slipping off the hanger, while the hooks help hang many more pieces of clothing.

You will want to have plenty of choices when shopping for hangers and collapsible storage containers. If love variety, spice up your storage space with colorful hangers and different collapsible storage containers. You will also want to go with collapsible storage containers and hangers that have fun prints and designs. You can also follow a theme of a single color or two, perhaps. You might also want a different colored collapsible storage containers or hanger for your spouse’s clothing items. Color coding is a good space saving or space organizing idea. And of course, shopping will be fun if you have plenty of choices. Check this link out, for more info.

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